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Ever since Robin Hood Studios opened for business in 1963, we have done everything we can to provide the very finest sound quality and uncompromised service to our customers.  When we opened in 1963, Ampex recorders were the finest recorders money could buy.  So, we used nothing but Ampex recorders until Scully eclipsed Ampex with their new discrete solid-state multi-track recorders.  Then, when MCI gave us improved quality and the first remote controls with auto locate, we moved up to that new standard.

When hard drive recording began coming into the professional recording scene over a decade ago, we evaluated many systems and did all we could to delay the purchase of a hard drive system because we simply did not like the sound they provided and the long tedious process of using those systems.

Then, along came Steinberg's Nuendo system and we fell in love with it.  The sound is clean and transparent, and the functions are limitless and fast.  Since Nuendo was invented after computers were fast enough to process all the functions needed without external DSPs, it can be upgraded with a simple download of new software with no need for equipment replacement.

Our clients have grown to love the Nuendo systems as much as we have.  Whether editing, pitch correcting, moving tracks, or mixing, Nuendo gives us all the functions we could ever want and a sound that does justice to the wonderful AKG C12, Neumann U67, Neumann U87, and Groove Tube mics, our API Mic pres and the rest of our totally digital system.

Come experience the creative freedom and crystal clear sound of Nuendo at Robin Hood Studios.